Ava at the Park

Ava Loves the Swing!

I have basically moved in with my parents the past couple weeks, and intend to stay another week or two while AJ continues to travel for work. The weather has been beautiful and we have been spending a lot of time at the park doing Ava's new favorite activity: SWINGING! She absolutely loves it! She usually screams with delight the whole time she is in the swing. Here are some pics:



(more) New Pictures

So I got suckered into going to a picture place in the mall to have Ava's picture taken, just as something to do today because I got a coupon in the mail for a free print! I figured, since they don't charge for the sitting, it will just be something fun to do and I won't spend money.
Well, as the day progressed, we had our photo shoot (complete with props, a wardrobe change, and multiple poses) and left the mall to run some errands while the photos were uploaded for viewing in the store.
We returned to the mall and after many "unplanned" dollars were spent, I left with 10different pages of prints and 2 framed prints! Man, they sure get you at those places. When we returned for "viewing", they had these huge pictures of Ava printed and framed in gorgeous matted frames just so I could "see how they look". I don't know how anyone could walk out of that place without buying those prints... I mean, what do they do with them, throw them away? It just seemed wrong.
So in the end, I couldn't really part with any of the pictures and ended up buying most of them because they were just too irristable(along with my 1 free print that originally was the purpose of our outing).
So here they are.... just tell me you could live without buying them...


Holiday Magic at Brookfield Zoo

We took Ava to Brookfield Zoo today so she could meet Santa for the first time and see the zoo's holiday decorations. When we finally got to "Candy Cane Corner" where Santa and the Mrs. were, there was a long line and Ava had just fallen asleep in her stroller, so we decided we'd catch him another time. But we had a great time, Auntie Em came with. Got some cute pictures too!